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What if There Was a Better Way?

The question: 
When you started your company, one of your goals was likely to take back control over your time. So why do entrepreneurs often feel like they never get past the day-to-day grind? 

The answer: 
As businesses grow, most add new programs and processes. Multiple systems and manual processes create bottlenecks, redundancies, and actually add workload.

The Problem

Many daily tasks rely on human memory and manual input, which means they are also prone to inconsistencies and missed steps, especially as the client base grows or additional systems are added. 

Over 60% of businesses could easily automate at least one-third of daily operations. This includes regular tasks like follow-up emails, invoicing and proposals, calendar management, and ongoing marketing to leads and past clients.

The Solution

There is a reason that successful businesses nearly always utilize automation. The ability to create a consistent and repeatable experience drives results by ensuring that each step is executed on time and to a high standard. 

Automation strengthens your brand, and ensures that your processes and programs are able to easily onboard high numbers of new clients, update portions of your business, or handle staffing adjustments with no effect on your client experience or your margins. Get your business ready for exponential growth.

How We Help

Automation is the smart business owner’s hack for increased productivity, steady cash flow, and smart delegation. Take back your time and start working on your business instead of in it, with integrated automation.

Marketing Automation

You’ve heard of speed to lead. You know that timely and consistent touchpoints are required to nurture your new leads and so they become clients. Are you ready to learn how you can do all of these things with half the effort and in a fraction of the time?

Marketing Automation can:

  • Follow up with or welcome new leads immediately
  • Guide leads through your sales funnel
  • Schedule reminders for personal contact
  • Generate emails & text messages

Sales Process Automation

Congrats! Your first meeting is complete, and that lead is now a prospect. It’s time to dig in and find out what they really want and need, build that relationship, and let them know what to expect when they choose to work with you.

Sales Process Automation can:

  • Accurately qualify potential clients
  • Provide consistent follow up & decision-making tools
  • Assign important tasks
  • Prepare calculations and quotes

Client Journey Automation

Success! The contract is signed, deposit received, and you are ready to work. Not only does automation streamline your communication and simplify processes, it is also proven to improve customer experience and turn them into repeat clients!

Client Journey Automation can:

  • Ensure comprehensive onboarding process
  • Send or schedule important communication points
  • Manage tasks, milestones, and progress markers
  • Streamline wrap-up and request testimonials and referrals

What We Do

Our proven system provides you with a custom automation setup built for your unique business needs. Our service guarantee means that we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure your systems work for you.

1. Discover

It all starts with a deep dive into what make your business run. You’ll be surprised at how much you really do in a day! During your process mapping sessions, we’ll walkthrough every scenario of your operations. You will end up with a detailed visual representation of your processes and a new perspective on how your business runs.

2. Plan

Based on your assessment, we will recommend valuable automations for your business. You’ll also receive tips on streamlining non-automated processes for better efficiency. From these comprehensive evaluations, simply choose the areas you want to start with, and our implementation team will be ready to go!

3. Automate

Our specialists will work with you to integrate your systems as per your selected options. This phase is broken down into small, actionable steps so you’ll see noticeable improvement in your processes without a steep learning curve.

4. Results

Save time. Convert more leads. Increase customer satisfaction. Automation makes business owner dreams come true. Our success is your success, and our number one goal is to take tasks off your plate so you can sit back and watch your business run smoothly.

Who We Are

We are Canada’s automation specialists. If you’ve ever wished you could duplicate yourself, think of us as digital clone creators. We’ve even been called wizards, because like magic, we free up time our clients didn’t believe was possible. We are the team of tech-savvy efficiency experts ready to help you reach your goals and create a truly scalable and profitable business.


We believe that stronger businesses create better communities, cities, and countries. We like to think that what we do plays a part in making the world a better place. We can’t wait to see you do amazing things, and know that our work played a part in your success!

What We Can Do For YOU!

We have uncovered the ultimate automation package. Through our years of building customized automations and processes, 4 stood out and came across as essential to businesses. To help make these automations more accessible, we offer a monthly membership where we custom build these automations for your business and they run in the background and constantly bring you results! 

These automations are built for

The BEST results we’ve seen with these automations are with clinic-focused businesses with a return client base. As most of these automations focus on re-engaging past clients in multiple forms, it’s important to have a business where clients can use your service more than once!

Included essential automations

Try it out for FREE!

We are VERY confident that our automation services will get you results. So much so, we are willing to let you try it out FREE for 1 week! We will run part of your client base through our top performing automations to help you see first-hand the amazing results you can achieve – no strings attached!

Ready To Automate?

We understand this can be a big decision and we’re sure you still have questions! Let’s jump on a quick call and we can help you decide the best course of automation action for your business. Find a time that works best for you!

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