Consulting With Jon Lamont

Everything in your business is connected. In these private consulting sessions, Jon Lamont personally guides you through his proprietary processes and systems for marketing, sales, automation, funnels and personal branding by maximizing those connections. 

Your Goals. Your Business. Your game plan

It’s always the right time to begin building the business of your dreams. Jon will lead you step-by-step through a customized plan to scale your business sustainably. You willlearn how to systemize, streamline, and create impactful automation that impresses your potential, current, and past clients. If you’ve ever wished you could duplicate yourself, consulting with Jon is for you!

How Consulting With Jon Works!


Jon’s proven marketing systems turn your marketing expenses into revenue generating investments.


You’ll work with Jon to build a sales cycle that feels natural and converts leads into revenue producing clients.


Automation is the cornerstone of effective business growth. A well-structured task management process saves time & money.

Personal Branding

An honest, well crafted personal brand builds trust with your audience, making it easier for potential clients to make a purchase.

Take the first step today & about working with Jon

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