Meet Jon Lamont

Founder of Get Automated & JL Advertising, business consultant, automations expert, and entrepreneur, Jon Lamont is helping business owners streamline their processes and grow their business. With a strong emphasis on family, entrepreneurship and automation, Jon hopes to grow the community of entrepreneurs looking to scale and grow their businesses.  Join Jon and the Business Automation movement today!

“Without Automation you’re wasting TIME & throwing away MONEY. Whether you want to improve marketing, increase sales, or eliminate inefficiencies in your day-to-day operations, you must start with AUTOMATION!

How Jon started his businesses...

Jon’s love of business manifested early, and as a teenager, he was most likely to be found learning everything he could at his grandfather’s seismic drilling company. He dedicated his evenings and weekends to learning the ins and outs of a successful company. As his interest in the inner workings of an enterprise grew, so did his passion for the growth that processes and automation could offer a business.  

After graduation Jon took a job with a world-renowned gravel crushing company, overseeing  operations at one of the largest processing plants in Western Canada, where he truly enjoyed his role.  However, he found himself constantly visualizing how he could translate his knowledge around automation into something that would be a game-changer for other businesses across various industries. 

After a few very successful years, Jon decided to couple his in-depth sales and marketing experience with his deep understanding of automation, and take the leap to make his entrepreneurial dream a  reality. Thus, JL Automations and JL Advertising were born. These two businesses work hand in hand; one supporting automation to increase growth, and the other driving leads to the business, where the automation systems work like well-oiled machines to positively impact the bottom line. 

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