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Jon Lamont is a leading Sales & Marketing Strategist, Lead Generation Specialist,
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Jon Lamont is a sales and marketing strategist, trainer and speaker. He is the owner of Get Automated, a marketing agency that puts a heavy emphasis on automation.

He works with companies in every industry and his experience with sales, marketing and automation, allows him to easily implement systems that will scale any business.


Get the EXACT game plan you need to increase your sales and level up your marketing

There is a quote that says “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. That couldn’t be more accurate, especially in the marketing world.

To have success with any marketing campaigns, you need to have a winning strategy. Not just any strategy will work though, you need a strategy that will work for you.

No two industries, businesses or individuals are the same. Therefore your strategy must be fully customized to you and your business.

To discover what Jon’s strategies can do for your business, book a free strategy session.

Selling Online Done RIGHT!

Join Jon on a webinar that covers exactly WHY your efforts to sell online have not worked in the past. 

Not only will you uncover why it hasn’t worked, but you’ll also get the proven 4-step process to sell ANYTHING online. 

Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself, it’s free to register, so you’ve got nothing to lose but thousands to make!


Get Automated! Canada's Leading Marketing and Automation Agency

As Canada’s leading marketing & automation agency, Get Automated is changing the way businesses run. We’re creating a movement that allows YOU to take control of your business by automating the sales processes to increase conversions. 

The only way to truly scale your business is to Get Automated!

You’re only call away from transforming your business!

What People Are Saying About Jon

"Working with Jon and his team was fantastic, not only did they help streamline my processes but they helped me see potential blind spots and areas for automation I didn't realize was possible. Working with Jon was quick and easy to follow, and has saved me a lot of time; now I can focus less on the day-to-day and more on the big picture!".
Megan V.
Founder of MegVis Productions
"What an amazing experience working with Jon & Get Automated! With their help I was able to map out my systems and identify gaps. They gave me suggestions on how to streamline my processes and allow me to focus on what I’m good at! Things are  much simpler and my business is well on its way to growing towards the vision that I’ve always dreamed of!"
Limor M.
Owner of Limor Money


Consistent Leads Should Be Your Reality!

Once you have the strategy and your automated processes, it’s time to start generating business.

We want to help you consistently fill your pipeline & generate leads for your business!

Using a multi-platform approach, we leverage custom marketing strategies that will bring you the results you need to scale your business.

Never worry about finding leads again!

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