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Jon Lamont has always been fascinated with the idea of efficiency, and especially the use of technology to achieve it. After 13 years of using automation to improve processes and bottlenecks in the gravel crushing industry, Jon saw an opportunity to make a difference by translating his expertise to the business world. As a leader in the industry, Jon now runs one of Canada’s top business automation agencies and his experience with companies of all sizes allows him to easily implement systems to scale any business with the help of automation.


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If you want success with your health you hire a personal trainer. That trainer tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Then they lay out an exact exercise plan and teach you exactly how to do each exercise correctly. Once you are armed with that road map, they set targets and hold you accountable to those targets.

This is how Jon approaches his consulting sessions. First he helps you develop a new skill or technique. Next he creates the exact roadmap you require to have the most possible success with that skill. Then he sets daily and weekly targets which will lead to accomplishing all of your goals. Lastly he holds you accountable to every one of your target.

What People Are Saying About Jon

"Working with Jon and his team was fantastic, not only did they help streamline my processes but they helped me see potential blind spots and areas for automation I didn't realize was possible. Working with Jon was quick and easy to follow, and has saved me a lot of time; now I can focus less on the day-to-day and more on the big picture!".
Megan V.
Founder of MegVis Productions
"What an amazing experience working with Jon & Get Automated! With their help I was able to map out my systems and identify gaps. They gave me suggestions on how to streamline my processes and allow me to focus on what I’m good at! Things are  much simpler and my business is well on its way to growing towards the vision that I’ve always dreamed of!"
Limor M.
Owner of Limor Money


Canada's Leading Automation & Integration Agency

As Canada’s leading automation & integrations agency, Get Automated is changing the way businesses run. We’re creating a movement that allows YOU to take control of your business by automating & integrating your processes to eliminating inefficiencies. 

The only way to truly scale your business is through automation & integrations. The best way to do that, is with Get Automated!

You’re only one automation or integration away from transforming your business!

Get Weekly Sales & Marketing Strategies!

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